Inspired by the Ken Burns series “Country Music”.

I wanted to give this print the feel of a low-cost, mass-produced copier billing that one would see stapled to a wooden phone post or taped to the door of a honky tonk roadside bar.

Man in Black – Linocut – 2021

2021 – Catching Up

It was certainly a long winter, wasn’t it?

Over the course of the last few months I’ve been busy not only creating in the studio, but continuing reaching out to people to teach them new skills using this brave new world concept of “distance learning”. I created something called “Art Winter Survival Kits”, mail out classes (with instructional videos) in book binding (top) and paper carving (middle). I also came up with a project to create your own Picasso-style portraits, guided by the roll of a die, called “Picasso By Kismet” for the library system. These kept me fairly busy for several weeks and definitely helped pass through the winter season, hopefully they broke some people’s boredom as well.

Book binding journal pages using a traditional Japanese stab stitch
Paper luminary using paper carving technique
Picasso By Kismet

Foot In The Door 5

It’s back! If you’ve ever wanted a piece of art displayed publicly by the MIA, here’s your chance! Read all about it…it’s a really amazing show!

Foot in the Door 5: The Virtual Exhibition

November 1, 2020 – January 10, 2021
Free Exhibition

Held once every 10 years, “Foot in the Door” is an open exhibition for all Minnesota artists. Now marking its fourth decade, this exhibition celebrates the talent, diversity, and enthusiasm of Minnesota’s visual artists. This is an important event for the arts community and a great opportunity for artists to display their work at Mia. The sole curatorial criteria? Each submission must fit within one cubic foot.

New this year, the exhibition is going virtual! In order to prioritize safety, this exhibition will be completely digital to accommodate the huge number of participating artists and visitors.

Artwork Submission Information

Digital submissions will open on September 8 and remain open through September 28. Check back here for the link to the live submission form on September 8 at 10 a.m.

Artwork submission requirements:

All artwork will be accepted as long as the work meets the following submission requirements.

The artist must reside in the state of Minnesota at the time of submission.

Each artist is invited to submit one work of art.

One submission form will need to be filled out per artist/artwork.

The artist can be any age as long as they consider themselves an artist. If the artist is under the age of 13, a parent or guardian will need to sign off on the form.

Each artwork is limited to one cubic foot. For example, a two-dimensional work (including frame) cannot extend beyond a 12 x 12-inch square; a three dimensional work (including the base) must fit within a 12-inch cube.

For ease of online exhibition experience, we will not be including and uploading time-based and video works this year.

All artworks must be photographed to be included in this digital exhibition. Artists will upload an image of the artwork into the submission form. Images must have a 1:1 aspect ratio, and we recommend at least 2000×2000 pixels. Files must be jpg or png and may not exceed 10MB in size.

All submissions require the artist’s permission for digital display in Mia’s online exhibition platform.

Mia reserves the right to not accept any artworks that promote hate speech, or pose a threat to another person or persons.

Artworks will be accepted until the exhibition reaches max capacity of 5,000.

Artwork will be accepted for digital display only and will not be for sale.

Please contact with questions.

On Process

A friend remarked on my “process” posts and encouraged me to share more of it.

Below is a start to a painting I plan to do in oil.

I first start with the basic idea, or concept, in my head and either take a photo, find a live subject (either an inanimate object or a live setting or model), or I’ll search for royalty-free images online. I’ve used the printout of the pancake stack (!) as a basic guide but made the drawing my own. I’ll also use the printout as a color guide down the road.

I then took the drawing I created and rough transferred the outline onto a wood panel I primed in fluorescent orange, making sure I have the subject placed exactly where I had envisioned it at the concept stage. Next I’ll mix the colors I think I’ll need and apply the paint and make this whole thing my own creation. These steps will be featured in THE FUTURE.

Stay tuned! Because PANCAKES!