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Upcoming Event

20 artists involved in a group show donating 1/3 of their sales towards efforts to stop Human Trafficking. Mostly highlighting the work of the Stories Foundation, https://storiesfoundation.org specifically the work they’re doing with their Freedom Truck, a food truck that donates 100% of their profits towards efforts to stop trafficking https://storiesfoundation.org/freedom-truck/

The event is ONE WEEKEND ONLY: Nov 1, 2, 3 in GALLERY #332 at the Northrup King Building 1500 JACKSON ST NE, MPLS 55413. During “Art Attack” with 350 artists showing their work. Sure to be something for everybody. Join us as we celebrate the transfer of ownership of NKB and the what it means to pass the baton.

Special event: A speaker to share about human trafficking and how it affects our communities. led by Stephanie Page of the Stories Foundation https://storiesfoundation.org

Wednesday Oct 30th, 7pm. Doors open at 6:30 in GALLERY #332 at the Northrup King Building 1500 JACKSON ST NE, MPLS 55413

New Mania!

New adventures in art: book making (no horse track jokes, please!)
Pictured here is a two-fold blank page Dos-à-dos journal. The flyleaf page is done with paper marbled using the suminagashi technique and the pages are blank, sturdy Hosho rice paper. Perfect for writing or sketching in pencil or ink.
This is my first attempt and I plan to experiment further with different stitching and binding techniques.

Art a Whirl Aftermath

Northeast Minneapolis’ annual Art a Whirl is always a bittersweet event. Pre-show promotion, finding parking, waiting for the crowds, and when the crowds do finally arrive, the hoping they will show an interest in your work and maybe even buy a piece. I learned early on that just sitting and waiting for good things to happen is an exercise in frustration, thus I learned to bring as much work with me that I can lug up four flights of stairs (you see, there’s never any guarantee that the elevator in the ancient building I show my work in will be functioning) and get productive. This not only passes the time but it is also a vehicle in which to engage with attendees.

Below are a couple of blocks I finished cutting over the weekend.

The Lake Superior Kraken (the rumors are all true!) was my most popular print of the weekend. All but one were sold out by Saturday night.

A big thank you to everyone who came out to fight the crowds, rain, and cold to be part of this big event.


Moo cut*


Experimenting with some mid 20th century retro designs for textile printing. More to come.

*A Moo cut is a block carved on a product known as Moo Carve. It’s a silicone block made for higher quality block printing. It cuts different than the Speedball products and holds up a little longer, thus yielding more prints. It also comes in 1/2″ to 3/4″ blocks so both sides of the block can be used. I love the stuff!




Though technically a proof, I thought the black ink turned out nice on the dictionary paper. I think I’ll make some more of these. I plan to do some printing of this one using vividly colored inks and papers. I’ll share them after I finish!

Beauty #1


18″ x 24″


The first in the Beauty series is complete.

A word on technique: Instead of a photo realistic approach, which I generally use with my figure work, I’ve chosen to use a more abstract, minimal approach to the pieces in this project. The reason being is that I wanted to use light, shadow, and bold lines to accentuate the beautiful curves and lines of the body.

Artist’s Statement: Beauty

To clarify the purpose of my current project, I’ve penned a draft of the Artist’s Statement that will accompany the series when it is completed. Some of the wording will change, of course, but I hope this gives you a little better idea of what I am currently doing in the studio.

Beauty (Acceptance of Oneself)

What is beauty? My dictionary app defines it as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses.” It’s said that it is in the eye of the beholder, it’s skin deep, and to mass media – beauty is something we definitely are not. The endless flow of unrealistic images, information, and advertising of the “ideal body” forces us to compare ourselves to these impossible standards. Striving for an unattainable image we plunge into a hopeless abyss of body dissatisfaction, damaged self-esteem, and finally, loathing of ourselves. Granted, regular exercise and a proper diet are important, but where do you draw the line?

Ironically, it was fashion icon Coco Chanel that was quoted saying “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” To take that sentiment one further, Ralph Waldo Emerson stated that “to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” In our 21st century image-driven society, it is a great accomplishment indeed.

This series of paintings is about the acceptance of oneself, no matter how imperfect we think we may be. I intend this to be an invitation to embrace our curves, our rolls, our blemishes, scars, and imperfections; to treat ourselves with kindness; to love others regardless of their shape or size; and mostly that, in spite of what the masters in the Soap Commercial World tell us, we really are all beautiful human beings with something to flaunt…so step outside of your comfort zone and flaunt it, baby, flaunt it!

“Always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: who cares?” – Tina Fey



Male Study

While gathering images and subjects for the Beauty series I was presented with the question of why there aren’t more paintings of male nudes. Since this series is focused on body acceptance I decided to include myself as a subject, rolls, scars and all. Below is the first of my self-studies as well as a step toward accepting and embracing my imperfect body.

Beauty, further studies

Further studies for the upcoming series “Beauty”. At top, a drawing on linoleum which will eventually be cut and printed. Center is the same design which will be the first canvas painted in the series. At bottom is a pencil sketch of my graceful model showing her beauty.

The series is tentatively planned for five paintings, but with the linoleum cut, this project may expand beyond that.